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Established in 1991, Hyperlite is the longest standing brand in wake thanks to our
shared passion for the wake lifestyle and commitment to innovative and quality
goods. Diving into 2023 we’re excited to continue our Loaded Construction featuring
a new shape, the Capitol. Our wakesurf quiver is always expanding and we introduce
a collection of complete foil kits for the upcoming season.

Lib Tech is a collective of creative board sports dreamers who have eliminated any barriers between
us and actualizing the dream. A lot more than the obvious goes into every board we build. The belief
that anything is possible. The experience to know what works. The enthusiasm and determination to
make it happen. Highly skilled, magical, hands-on ripper kraftsmen. The world’s best athletes and
terrain. Dynamic, multi-medium snowboarder artists. The most exotic, high performance,
environmentally friendly materials. The safest, most efficient, environmentally friendly process.
Maximized material yields, recycling and repurposing. Zero Hazardous waste. We do it all ourselves
because we love it and nobody does it better. The world’s best boards… dream boards.

We’ve been riding the products we’ve been making since the beginning, so the constant pursuit for the
ultimate ride has always been a part of our DNA. We don’t cut corners. We just obsessively try to perfect.
In 2015, our co-founder Nick Leason - an engineer and avid surfer - came up with the idea for the original
eFoil, applying the technology from smart phones, electric vehicles and even drones into a board that would
let its rider fly above any body of water without needing to be propelled by wind or waves.
We also continue to perfect our classic foil lineups, working with legendary board shapers and top carbon
fiber suppliers to offer the highest-performance foil setups available on the market today. Top professionals
from Laird Hamilton to Kai Lenny have trusted Lift’s classic foils in the most extreme conditions and are now
part of our ever-growing family, giving us constant feedback that we incorporate into our design processes.
We remain 100% committed to consistently holding our products to the highest standards.

Founded in 1995, with roots going back to the sport’s first days, Liquid Force has become the leader
because we love it and nobody does it better. The world’s best boards… dream boards.
in wakeboard related products and apparel. Founders Tony Finn and Jimmy Redmon were two
pioneers in the sport of Wakeboarding credited with creating the sport.
Finn was the developer of the Skurfer which is largely regarded as the product that put
wakeboarding on the map, and Redmon is regarded as the most influential and creative designer
of products since the sports inception. Working together, they have helped grow Liquid Force into a
world renown leader in watersports.
Aligned with top-tier athletes focused on pushing the boundaries of our sport, Liquid Force and our
Team are steadfast in our dedication to RELENTLESS INNOVATION, progressive designs, maximum
functionality, and unparalleled quality in everything we do.
Whether you’re charging at your local cable park, enjoying the last “golden hour” set before
sundown, or trying to hi-jack boat rollers on one of our new Foils…our focus will always be on you.
Ensuring your time on the water is unforgettable with a Liquid Force product under your feet


MISSION creates innovative boating gear and products for people in pursuit of unforgettable experiences in
the outdoors. Our headquarters are proudly rooted in the land of 10,000 adventures, making Minnesota the
inspiration for everything we do.
We’ve seen an abundance of gear that lacks thoughtful design and innovation; the gear you use should
never be a hurdle between you and fun—that’s why we’re committed to creating reliable, state-of-the-art
products that help you enjoy your free time without the hassle.
We started out 2015 by making wakesurfing more accessible to people who owned older “non-surf style”
boats with our patented DELTA wakesurf shaper. Since then, we’ve expanded our product lineup to serve
boaters, surfers, and weekend warriors of all kinds.
Today, we’re widely recognized as a thought leader in design and innovation in the outdoor recreation and
lifestyle space. We continue to make waves in the marine industry with several patented technologies,
including our SENTRY and ICON boat fenders, which have revolutionized the way boat owners protect their
boats. The support we get from our customers is what keeps us moving forward; we are determined to find
new ways to eliminate the hassles and headaches that get in the way of enjoying free time. We refuse to do
things the way they’ve always been done. That’s why MISSION customers can always expect the best
possible experience while using our products.

Founded in 1999 by brothers Jeff and Tony Logosz, Slingshot Sports has always been about
tinkering, exploring and finding the next great adventure. We are Slingshot Sports: Adventurers,
Inventors, and Free Spirits. Bold and hungry to explore, we awake each morning fueled by the desire
to experiment, defy convention, and create firsts on the water.
For more than two decades Slingshot Sports has been leading the charge in design and
development of the world’s finest watersports essentials for Kite, Wake, Wing, Foil, Windsurf, and
SUP. We thrive on sharing our products with the global tribe and keeping the spirit of positivity and
progression alive on the water.

The O’Neill brand started life in 1952 when our founder, Jack O’Neill began designing and producing the world’s
first neoprene wetsuits out of the world’s first surf shop - a humble garage off the Great Highway, San Francisco.
Born from California surf, we create leading-edge products for active and adventurous spirits to enjoy our
playground longer. Throughout every step of the O’Neill journey, Jack, his family and his team have stayed true to
their mission. To produce the finest, most robust, enduring and stylish surf and sportswear clothing and
accessories possible. To work with innovators and enthusiasts. To push the technical boundaries of what sports
clothing can do so we can all explore and enjoy the natural world for longer.